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Designed for maximum performance and beauty, the Trust Rosa Urethane Golf balls are best suited for golfers with Swing Speed under 105mph.
  • For golfers who love pink colour golf balls
  • Soft & Elasticity Feel
  • Green Side Control with Distance
  • Premium urethane covered
  • High-visibility pearl pink coating
  • Advanced Greenside control
  • Multilayer/ 3 piece/ Twin thin soft urethane cover design

  • 332 dimples
  • Conforms with R&A and USGA rules



£99 GBP Regular price £152 GBP

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Uncle Jimmy
These were deemed by her mom as "To Awesome to play with"

Fortunately for me she's A golfer. They really do look awesome and mom got one for her desk at work

Kristi Lanham
Great distance and visibility

These are great for distance and control on and around the green. Also, visibility is great!

Tony Chiles
My wife loved them

They made my wife smile

Nicole Richardson

These Golf balls are great. They are easy to find and are wonderful to hit.

Kathy Kaldal

These balls look great (I love the iridescent finish) but they aren’t very easy to see on the course. I used to play the Precept white iridescent balls and I loved them - they were very easy to see and differentiate from other white balls. It’s a shame they were discontinued. I was hoping these would be a great replacement but…not so much.I didn’t experience any increase in distance or control with these balls. All in all, they’re acceptable but not great. The price is good though (especially when you buy 4 boxes) so if that’s the most important thing to you I’d recommend them.

Why Rosa?

Lower compression makes Rosa suitable for ladies and those who prefer a softer feel


What customers say:

'My wife loves them'

Great balls for the price! My wife absolutely loves them and she gets upset when she loses one on the course. I find that very funny, but just goes to show how much she appreciated the gift and quality of this product.

Trusted by Amateurs and Pro's

What golfers say:

These are great for distance and control on and around the green. Also, visibility is great!

Kristi Lanham
Kristi Lanham
Golfer & Verified Customer

Love the name, the bling look and especially the performance!

Antonia C
Antonia C
Golfer & Verified Customer

Rosa Trust Technology:

Ionoma Mantle

A unique ionomer mantle reactive core increases the rate of accuracy and maximises distance

High visibility pearl pink coating

Stand out from your golf mates and no more losing your ball!


Which swing speeds are Rosa Balls best for?

Rosa Golf Balls are best suited to swing speeds of 95mph or below, similar to a Titleist AVX.

Are they approved for competition play?

Yes, Trust Golf Balls are tour confirming to R&D and USGA standards

How do I know Trust golf balls are as good as the major brands?

In addition to being reviewed and approved by the USGA and R&A rules of golf, we had our golf balls tested by Golf Laboratories, Inc., the most respected independent golf equipment testing lab in America.

The distance, trajectory and dispersion of all Trust golf balls were found to either meet or beat the performance of premium balls from the major, name-brands.

What is unique about Trust golf balls?

Our golf balls have great performance and are suitable for all golfers . Every ball we make is a premium, tour-caliber, urethane coated golf ball.

We don't make low-quality golf balls, such as surlyn-coated golf balls. 

With Trust golf balls, golfers no longer need to sacrifice mileage to get a softer hitting sensation and better performance.

How are they cheaper than the big brands?

Although high quality, the price of Trust golf balls is relatively cheaper than other premium golf balls on the market.

This is because all of our products are manufactured in-house , meaning that Trust controls the entire process of making golf balls (including design, materials, core and cover). 

In addition, our products are sold directly to consumers (without going through distributors/wholesalers) so there are no additional costs to pass on to customers.

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