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The luxury of a premium urethane golf ball, all at the cost of an economy-grade surlyn ball

Built for high-handicappers 💥🏌🏻‍♂️

Experience the power of Urethane cover balls at Surlyn cover prices:

✔️ Get better distance than all others

✔️ More trajectory control around the greens

✔️ Perfectly matched to your swing speed

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Zoom Trust Panther Golf Balls
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Elevate Your Match Play

Don't Let Inferior Balls Hold You Back

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"Now everyone can play – and afford – a premium, tour-caliber golf ball and get all the distance and performance they need to excel on the course."

~Golf Monthly

Why chose Urethane over Surlyn?

Urethane is softer than Surlyn and delivers higher spin rates on iron and wedge shots. Skilled golfers prefer this control and, because they generate high clubhead speeds, lose little if any distance compared to Surlyn balls. As a general rule, Surlyn golf balls are cheaper and will spin less.

So, what makes them so good? 🧐

Why not buy major brands surlyn balls instead? Get a load of this 👇

2-Piece Premium Urethane Cover

Durable with advanced greenside control and super easy to play on the course. You won't find any other golf ball like it for the price.

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Easy to hit sweet spot

Panthers Big Max High COR® technology along with its low compression core can help golfers who consistently hook or slice tee shots.

This makes it much easier to hit the sweet spot, increase accuracy and maximise your distance.

Ionomer Mantle

Along with the dimple pattern Aurora's unique Ionomer Mantle uses a custom formula to reduce driver backspin and wind resistance, meaning you get more distance.

What customers are saying...

Finally got round to testing these out, nicely presented in a box of a dozen, 4 sleeves of three. Really impressed with the feel & control of them. They didn't cut up easily. I'd honestly buy these over Titleist & not just for the significant saving. Excellent balls.

Andy Amn
Amateur Golfer

As described and as advertised. Well packaged and presented. No sign of cutting or wear and tear after a few rounds. As good as other more well known brands! We are average at best golfers and these are perfectly adequate for practicing and general fun rounds.

Joe A
Amateur Golfer

Why you can Trust us

For 25 years, we've supplied golf ball core and cover technology to most of the world's major golf ball manufacturers.

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Tour grade urethane cover golf balls, matched to your golfing ability and swing speed

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